Sunday, June 21, 2009

Long Long time ....

Since the last post I have rewritten SLAP AND TICKLE to accomodate my Latina heritage as well. The script is out to interested parties.

Caitlin will go into the studio with the fabulous Stephen George to work on the first song we will record for the film. We'll be shooting a short music video for it in July and get it out virally soon after.

In the meantime Sophia's film 21 BELOW continues its trek on the festival circuit. With strong interest in the UK. Well worth a viewing should it happen to play near you.

I have written the first draft of a feminist action adventure novel set two million years in the future. THE GOLD STONE GIRL is a cautionary tale in support of female empowerment today. We have plans to use the novel as a bible for a 3seasons web series and also to platform it for a game.

So while we have been silent the wheels have been turning.

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