Thursday, August 28, 2008


Mike Orange is the winning bidder of the Stone Ridge Library auction. Mike will play Mr. Sneed the barman and he has purchased the female role of Lucy McMurty for his daughter Mary Auringer.

Thanks to Mike and Mary, for their generous donation to the STONE RIDGE LIBRARY BUILDING FUND. We look forward to having you on set!

The Stone Ridge Library is a 501(c)3, donations are tax deductible.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


We met with SUZANNE HILLEARY yesterday, Sophia and myself along with JULIA NORDMAN, a PA from Germany who was an exchange student locally a year ago. Suzanne has agreed to come on board as our music supervisor with STEPHEN GEORGE producing all of our studio sessions. Suzanne is the founder and president of WACBIZ a Writer's and Artist's Cooperative located here in the Hudson Valley. It's amazing to have so many stellar music and film folk as neighbors. One can make an entire film in the Hudson Valley.

Including GAIL ANN DORSEY (Bowie's bass player), who now lives in Kingston, and whom we hope will come on board both as musician and in a cameo role.

We're taking this period piece featuring a family of indigent/immigrants; forced and unforced, Black, Native American, and Irish, who compose Maggie's immediate family, and we're adding a contemporary Irish rock sound track to it. Irish because so much of the family is, and also because the penny whistle (fife) and drums are so a part of much indigenous music. It's also a seamless way to draw the lessons of the past into the present. So much has changed even as it remains the same. Ah, life!

Suzanne greeted us with enthusiastic news of phone calls from SINEAD O'CONNOR'S management requesting a hard copy of the script. GERRY LEONARD (AKA Spooky Ghost, Bowie and Rufus Waignwright's musical director/guitarist) and BLACK 47 have checked in. And LAKESHORE RECORDS has asked for a first look at our soundtrack!

Thanks, Suzanne, for boosting our profile in a whole new world.