Monday, June 23, 2008


I met with the Stone Ridge Library Foundation yesterday and the two speaking parts will be cast in an online silent auction hosted by the Stone Ridge Library foundation. More details will be found on their site later this week.

Friday, June 20, 2008


The anticpated auction of our speaking part was postponed to be incorporated into a larger, more press worthy event, which may well include a screening of RACING DAYLIGHT. Which we all hope means more money to the library. So please stay tuned for updates and know that I have crafted two charming speaking parts in a large pool hall scene, one for either gender. So ... you valiant thespians with checkbooks ...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


INDIEPIX has come on board as our Executive Producers! The amazing and intrepid cine-pioneers BOB ALEXANDER and RYAN HARRINGTON (Tribeca Gucci Fund) are flexing their muscles on our behalf and we are very grateful.

Indiepix is a company we have long admired. Firstly because they had the incredible good taste, along with Ryan and Cactus 3, to put $ behind Sophia's documentary '21 Below". They are the champions of the little guy-filmmakers. Those of us who are less interested in making a killing then pushing artistic envelopes without sacrificing food.

We also welcome MOLLY CONNERS to our production team! Molly is one of those responsible for FROZEN RIVER which took home the Sundance Jury prize last year, and which will be released by Sony Classics in the fall and which stars one of our favorite actors and friends MELISSA LEO who gives an amazing Oscar worthy performance as the trailer park mom turned to smuggling illegal immigrants to make ends meet.

We are so proud to be associated with the kind of integrity and artistic excellence inherent in Indiepix, Ryan Harrington, and in Molly Conners. Onward!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Slap and Tickle is on the auction block at the Stone Ridge Library Fair. Today we will auction off a 'speaking part' in our film to benefit the library. We are very excited at the prospect of making our film even more part of our community, but also we are hopeful we will make a bit of money for this very worthy organization.

How, you may ask, does film relate to libraries? A film starts as a written document and before that one hopes it is well researched. Libraries are the home of ideas. I visit often. In my opinion, libraries are the last bastions of democracy. Free access to a level playing field. Support your library!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's 1929 in a small American town. 16 year old Maggie Turpin believes that there are only two jobs available to women of color; teacher and prostitute. Maggie's family has both. Now it's Maggie's turn to decide.

"SLAP AND TICKLE' stars Gloria Reuben, Linda Powell, Adam Lefevre, and introducing Caitlin Quinn as Maggie. This coming-of-age story by, for, and about women and specifically women of color, goes before the cameras in August of 2008. Sophia Raab Downs (Racing Daylight, 21 Below, Gospel Hill) will produce and Nicole Quinn (Racing Daylight), the scripts author, will direct.

Many of Racing Daylight's cast will be returning; Melissa Leo, Giancarlo Esposito, John Seidman, in this delightful story of an American family we've rarely seen on screen.

The legendary Ruby Dee has said of the script:

"It is an engaging story, and its multigenerational focus and novel perspective on race complexities intrigue. Barring any scheduling complications, I would be inclined to participate in the project."

We are grateful for the kind words and hopeful that Ms. Dee's schedule and ours willl dovetail.